Welcome to my "Private guide" information page. My name is Ele. I am a true Vilniusite, I was born and grew up in Vilnius but I still keep discovering this city. I'd like to invite you to join me in exploring Vilnius. I have a tourist guide's license from State Department of Tourism by the Department of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Tour of Vilnius Old Town.  This is a traditional tour of the Old Town, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1994. The tour takes 3 hours. We will start our tour in the Cathedral square and continue it to see the President's palace and Vilnius university, then we will walk the quaint streets of the Old Town to the "Gothic corner" to see the famous Church of St. Anne,  then we will see the bugs stuck in amber millions of years ago in an amber gallery, then we will see where there was the first botanical garden set up in the XVIIIth century, then we will continue the tour along the narrow streets of the former Jewish ghetto, then by the Town hall we will talk about arts and crafts of the city and we will see the beautiful Church of St. Casimir and the gates of the Basilian monastery, and the tour will end in the place where three different religious confessions live together in peace: the Uniats, the Russian Orthodoxes and the Roman Catholics, where we will see one of the most famous and one of the most revered miraculous paintings in Lithuania-the Madonna of the Gates of Dawn. This is a sightseeing tour and we don't go inside of the sights.

The Tour of The Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania.  The tour lasts 1,5-2 hours. This is currently the most popular museum in the city. The tour will take you to see the authentic archaeological findings and the reconstructed interior of the rooms, you will hear stories of the people who lived here and you will also find out more about the Great Duchy of Lithuania. The museum is equipped for the disabled visitors.

Vilnius Old Town.
The Tour of Uzupis. A tour of 1,5 hour in the bohemic republic will make a  lasting impression. The tour will take you to the main sights but the very essence of this tour is to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place. We will definitely make a stop to see the Mermaid, the Angel, the Constitution and the Bernadine cemetery. Make your you have your passport with you if you wish to receive a visa of this republic.

Angel in Bernadine cemetery. 
Tours on Demand. This is a great option for those who wish to see something specific that is not usually included in the traditional tour. The duration of the tour and the itinerary are negotiated with the client individually.

The tours in Vilnius are on foot but public transportation can be taken if necessary, or the client's transport can be used. The amber gallery is visited during its working hours. 

Tour of Kaunas. We travel to Kaunas by bus, train or client's transport. The tour will take you to the Old Town, the Freedom Avenue, the Unity square with the Statue of Independence, we will take the funicular to the Church of Christ's Resurrection. The main attraction is the architecture of the inter-war period (between the two World wars). Other sights can be included in the itinerary, such as the panorama spot on the Church of Jesuits, the Devils' museum, Ciurlionis museum, Vytautas the Great War museum, Zilinskas gallery.  A visit to Pazaislis monastery complex can be arranged.

Kaunas Town Hall.
Tour of Trakai. We travel to Trakai by bus, train or client's transport. Trakai can be rightfully called the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XVth century. We will visit the most famous object in Trakai- Trakai Island Castle. We will walk the streets of the Old Town, taste Karaite dishes and visit the paces that are connected with this minority that has been living here since the XVth century. Other sights can be included in the itinerary, such as the Peninsular castle with the exposition of church art. A visit to Uzutrakis can be arranged. I recommend spending a full day in Trakai.

Trakai Island Castle. 
My guiding services can be arranged from several hours to several days. I speak Lithuanian, English and Russian. I give tours to individual people and small groups.

Please inquire about my fees and more information at my e-mail: elepranaityte(@)gmail.com